How to Make Sports Betting?

In straight bets, one team is favored over another. The point system used is called pointspread. Reading the ponitspread in terms of minus signs and plus signs is incredibly important for a serious sports bettor.

The other method of sports betting is using money lines. Money lines do not use points. If you want to bet on a favorite team using Money Line, then your bets will cost more that it would if you were betting using pointspread.

Next type of sports betting is betting on the final score. Generally the betsmaker sets a score and the gamer will beat on whether the team will score higher or lower. Most of such bets work out in favor if the gamer follows the bet closely and alayzes the statistics of the last few games. This system is referred to as Over/Under Totals.

When you combine bets on games like Over/Under and pointspread it is called Parlay. Although many people suggest against parlay bets, if you are a professional and are confident about your research, then parlays often give a lot of return. To win your parlays you need to win all your picks and this is where the trick lies.

Teasers are like parlays and generally involves taking two or more picks. However the payouts for teasers are less than those for parlays. It is extremely popular in football betting.

Finally in sports betting, you also have the option of Futures betting. Here the odds are set just before the bets are placed. Generally futures odds involve betting whether a team will win a tournament, a league game or have a club win.

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