Spread Betting – Comparing City Index With IG Index

Financial spread betting is extremely popular in the United Kingdom and there is always the hot discussion about the best spread agent. It is not our place to let you know which one is best, but to offer you a valid assessment of 2 of the top competitors within the field. 1 being IG Index and the other is City Index. Both are highly regarded and gives their clients protection and the tools to succeed in this particular derivative. Both offer their clients quite a bit of resources and offerings.

IG Index continues to be involved in financial spread betting since more than thirty-five years, City Index has been in this field for more than twenty-five. Both have proven they are here to stay and trading your trust and money together is a fairly safe bet that they’ll be close to for many years. It is usually risky to put all your money in a broker agent firm that’s just starting. Both of the businesses offer traders the ability to open accounts for free.

Some variations and similarities of key elements and issues regarding distribute betting and also the differences between the two are listed below.

When it comes to the initial deposit margin spread City Index requires less at only 1%, exactly where IG Index demands anywhere from 2% as much as 50 % and it is dependent upon the actual contractual agreement.

City Index provides investors a fixed spread kind from 1% and the spread starts at 1PIP, while the other provides the investor either fixed or variable and the spread of 1- 2 PIPS.

Both offer overnight interest with regard to long at +2.5% LIBOR or equal and short -2.5% LIBOR or equivalent.

A deal buster for some may be the initial trade amount. City Index is over double associated with IG Index. IG Index being at 20p per point as well as City Index is 50p per point.

Both companies offer clients important options for example ‘Stops’, ‘Limit Orders’, ‘Guaranteed Stop Orders’ (with fees) as well as ‘Contingent Orders’. One disadvantage of using City Index is that it does not offer ‘Trailing Stops’ where IG Index does.

Both of these companies offer Financial Spread Betting, nevertheless both don’t offer their clients Futures Trading or Share Dealing. IG Index offers Forex trading whereas City Index doesn’t offer it at this time.

There are lots of other key elements you will want before choosing the spread wagering broker that fits your specific needs. Each will offer their software platform in addition to offer free live flow quotes. CityIndex doesn’t offer clients mobile alerts at the time of this specific posting, nevertheless IG Index does offers this to their customers which is an additional benefit.

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