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Halving & Burns on BitGesell

BitGesell represents a deflationary cryptocurrency that closely resembles bitcoin, but comes along with a few design changes. Its value proposition stems from Silvio Gesell’s financial market philosophy, who imagined monetary units that lose their value over time through demurrage. To keep things simple, BitGesell achieves scarcity through the means of accelerated block reward halvings and … Read more

Rockstar and Kiss Bassist Gene Simmons Tells Fans He Bought Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin News

In September of 2020, the frontman for the rock band Kiss, Gene Simmons, tweeted a cryptic message about bitcoin with one of the cofounders of the Gemini crypto exchange. Then on Sunday, the Kiss singer tweeted to his 900k Twitter followers that he bought “bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, and others.” The bassist and co-lead singer of … Read more

Ark Investment Study Suggests BTC Value Will Rise by $40,000 if All S&P 500 Companies ‘Allocate 1% of Their Cash to Bitcoin’ – Finance Bitcoin News

According to the findings of a study by Ark Investment Management (AIM), the value of bitcoin can potentially increase by $40,000 if all S&P 500 companies allocate 1% of their cash holdings to the crypto. Similarly, if all these companies were to convert 10% of cash holdings into bitcoin, the value of the crypto asset … Read more

Elon Musk Supports Bitcoin, Says BTC on the Verge of Broad Acceptance – Featured Bitcoin News

Spacex and Tesla CEO Elon Musk has clarified his position on bitcoin and dogecoin. He confirmed that he supports bitcoin, stating that it is “a good thing.” Admitting that he is late to the game on bitcoin, Musk said that he should have bought some eight years ago when his friend fed him a slice … Read more

Alphabit Digital Currency Fund Deploys Initial Investment in Stratis Protocol and Initiates Coverage – Press release Bitcoin News

PRESS RELEASE. Stratis’ innovative blockchain solutions have attracted the attention of the digital asset investment fund, Alphabit, who have injected an initial investment while committing to a further 8 figure investment over the next 24 months for growth and development of the BaaS ecosystem. 1st February 2020, London, United Kingdom: Blockchain as a Solution (BaaS) … Read more

Token Next Pump Target for Satoshistreetbets Traders – Altcoins Bitcoin News

In a surge reminiscent of dogecoin’s recent rally, the value of the XRP token soared by more than 100% in just 48 hours. After starting the day at $0.29 on January 30, data shows that the token peaking at just above $0.67. At the time of writing, XRP is trading at around $0.66   As … Read more

CEX.IO LOAN Experiences Massive Institutional Demand With Over $100 Million of Loan Requests – Press release Bitcoin News

PRESS RELEASE. Crypto-backed lending service CEX.IO LOAN that launched in October 2020 in select global jurisdictions, has been experiencing major demand, receiving over $100 million worth of loan requests to date. While the service has been widely popular among retail investors, most of the platform’s loan requests came from institutional investors. According to CEX.IO LOAN, … Read more

NFL Player Gets a Myriad of Celebrities to Add the Bitcoin Hashtag to Their Twitter Profiles – Featured Bitcoin News

Following the day the Tesla founder, Elon Musk, added the Bitcoin hashtag to his Twitter profile, the popular Carolina Panthers offensive tackle, Russell Okung told his social media followers to put the Bitcoin hashtag in their bio. Okung has managed to get hundreds of people to do it, but more recently the NFL player started … Read more

Crypto Has Fundamental Flaw, Bitcoin’s Fixed Supply Could Cause Its Value to Collapse – Featured Bitcoin News

A chief economist at UBS, the largest bank in Switzerland, says cryptocurrency has a fundamental flaw. Bitcoin’s fixed supply could cause the collapse of its value and spending power, making it unattractive to use as a currency, he claims. A UBS Chief Economist Says Bitcoin’s Fixed Supply Is a ‘Fundamental Flaw’ Paul Donovan, Chief Economist … Read more

US Lawmaker Likes Bitcoin — Urges Policymakers to Embrace Innovation in Regulation – Regulation Bitcoin News

U.S. Representative Patrick McHenry is pro-bitcoin. He is now hosting the Bitcoin whitepaper on his official congressional website and has called on other lawmakers to embrace innovation like Bitcoin. He believes that the cryptocurrency is unstoppable and governments cannot kill it. Pro-Bitcoin US Lawmakers A growing number of U.S. lawmakers have recently spoken in support … Read more

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