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When to Trade Forex | Forex Trading Hours

Hello, this is Kirill from ForexBoat.com and welcome back to the course on Forex Trading in today’s tutorial. We will talk about Forex Market hours. We will see in which timezone the Forex Market operates and how it so happens that the Forex Market is so different to any stock market in the way that … Read more

Dogecoin the crazy story of this crypto coin

One cryptocoin is not the other. There are now an enormous number of different cryptocurrencies on the market and new ones are still being added every day. It is of course logical that not all coins can be a success. There are also quite a few flops in between. And which crypto should you invest … Read more

Making money with cryptocurrency in 2021

Making money with crypto Do you want to earn money with crypto? You hear it more and more recently, people who make a lot of money with cryptocurrencies of which the best known and the most profitable is Bitcoin. But there are many more cryptocurrencies that make money. 👉 I therefore want to explain in … Read more

Investing with small amounts

Investing with small amounts instead of saving If you want to invest, it is really not necessary to immediately invest thousands of euros. You can also invest with small amounts. There are several options for growing your money through investments. 👉 Many people switch to shares or bonds because nowadays hardly any interest is paid … Read more

Trading for beginners

What is trading and how do you start? Are you looking for a simple trading lesson for beginners? Then you’ve come to the right place. In this article I explain the basics of trading. You will learn the difference between trading and investing in this article. 👉 In addition, I will give you some general … Read more

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