Etoro Review 2021

Risk Warning: CFDs are complex instruments and have a high risk of losing money quickly due to leverage. 75% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

eToro is a leading social trading platform in the world and is a major player in the world of CFDs and cryptocurrency trading. They have led the fintech revolution for over a decade and have gained a reputation as the leading social trading platform in the world.

The company initially started offering currency trading, but later it turned to the stock market. eToro was one of the first companies to offer Bitcoin CFDs in 2013. They are one of the pioneers in adding social features to their platform in the form of CopyTrading and CopyPortfolios.

eToro was one of the first brokers to add ETH to their platform in 2016 when the price of ETH was € 6 and it peaked at € 1220 in January 2018.

Today, more than 14 million users are registered on eToro, securing its status as an industry leader.

eToro’s Crypto Products

eToro offers different formats of cryptocurrency trading. Cryptocurrencies are categories by:

Coins> Covering top 16 cryptocurrencies, with the option to buy the real crypto or for those who like to speculate they can easily do it by trading crypto derivatives (CFDs) Owning the cryptos or trading them as CFDs varies from one arrangement to another with eToro

Commodity crosses, eToro currency only offers Gold / BTC as CFD, which is a unique pair. Traditional safe-haven gold trade vs. the new potential safe haven.

Crypto Crosses, eToro offers 14 CFDs of cryptos pairs.

Crypto Currencies, 63 different trading pairs of crypto fiat markets for GBP, CHF, NZD, EUR, CAD and some others. The image below shows some of the 63 crypto markets at eToro.

eToro offers CopyPortfolios, which means that you have a basket of different cryptocurrencies that you can passively invest.

CopyPortfolio, CryptoEqual:

This wallet allocates leading crypto assets from the eToro asset universe. Each selected asset is weighed equally. The portfolio is rebalanced annually, or at the option of eToro, pending market conditions.

CopyPortfolio, Crypto-Currency:

This Copy Portfolio provides exposure to Bitcoin and Ethereum. It is allocated at the beginning of each month and is based on the value of the market cap.

offers exposure to the largest crypto assets per market capsule today, Bitcoin and Ethereum. Both assets are allocated in this portfolio according to their respective market capsules.

This portfolio offers investors a simple single-click allocation to the world of crypto through a simple allocation weighted by the traditional market approach.

The portfolio is rebalanced annually, or at eToro’s option, pending market conditions.

eToro Rates

eToro has a zero rate on cryptocurrency trading. eToro charges a spread (the difference between the buy and sell price) on its crypto trading.

The spread varies from 0.75% and depends on the market you are trading in. In general, the spread is wider for the smaller marketcap cryptos and this is normal with any trade.

eToro App

eToro offers 2 mobile apps:

eToro Social Trading app for its clients to trade, copy and invest in cryptos and more which is available for both Android and iOS.
eToro wallet for its customers to exchange, buy, send and receive cryptos


We really love eToro from all points of view. We like the social trading aspect because it makes learning to trade much easier. We’ve come across other brokers offering something similar, but we have to admit that the eToro platform makes it so much easier to actually do copying other people’s trades without any hassle.

eToro has a very unique way of calculating spreads, unlike its competitors, eToro spreads reflect the total cost of buying and selling cryptos.

So while the said spreads seem to indicate the cost of buying / selling, they actually cover the total cost of buying and selling (closing the trade).

Overall, we really liked the platform, but what really kicked eToro to the top of the list for us was how well the social trading aspect is done, from the ease of copying other people’s trades to the simplicity and ease of communicate with other merchants. When trading on eToro, you don’t feel like you are in a glass bubble, isolated from the world, as with most other platforms.


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