IQ Option Deposit, Trade & Withdrawal Proof

Hi guys this is chris morton from binary options: net a you and in this video i am going to review the deposit and withdrawal process of IQ option and i’m going to be doing a series of these videos just going through actually making a deposit doing a Trade and then withdrawing just to prove that this particular broker does pay up, which is a pretty much one of the one things that most traders are wary of, that they actually not going to get the money out of a broker when it’s time to do withdrawal. So first step is I’m going to be doing a a deposit so with IQ option and the actual deposit options at the top, I’m just going to be doing it by MasterCard or actually I’m going to be doing by visa. So then you can select a currency. One just be by us and then IQ option has some pre-selected amounts and a pre-selected bonuses or down the bottom. You can actually just type in the actual amount that you want.

Be aware that if you do accept, the bonus is actually pretty selected on 100 with a bonus of twenty percent and that’s actually going to have some bonus terms and conditions with that so you’ll see here, you can actually click through to bonus. Details click the bonus terms and conditions, and there’s going to be some wagering requirements before you can actually process before they will actually process any withdrawal request. So just be aware of that, for this particular video, I’m just going to be doing the minimum ten dollars. There’S no various attached with this, so I won’t have any bonus requirements so I’ll go ahead and make a deposit – and it will ask me to put in my bank details so I’ll go ahead and do that fast for the video when that’s done. Ok, so my ten dollars has been processed and you can see here, I’ve got ten dollars in my account that I’m actually brought to this screen where it’s going to attention confirm the personal information in case of incorrect personal data.

Your withdrawal request will be cancelled, so this is something very important that you need to do to ensure that your withdrawal is actually processed. So my first name and last name correct – my country is correct, so my phone number I’ll put in so putting in any false information, is putting your you know your withdrawal in jeopardy and down the track when you get to that so I’ll put in my date Of birth so March 27 and our mail, so I confirm that okay, so i’ll go and do a tray now to generate some turnover, I’m not going to turbo options and see if we can do okay, we’ll just do a one dollar trade I just put in A put – and so this looks like it’s going to be so that’s going in okay, so I’ll see there that the trade was completed and I’ve actually was lucky on that one. But obviously I wasn’t trying to trade, then I’m just putting it for the purpose of this exercise, so we’ll just close that out so now. The next step I’ll do is to submit withdrawal request, so we’ll go to to the drawers club and it’s good to actually read the frequently asked questions. Also when you, when you’re doing this, so it’s got.

Some here cannot deposit via with trifle wallets. How much time does it take to the draw? So it’s in process within 3 working days? Is there any Commission taking on the account they don’t take any Commission’s, but payment systems or payment aggregators may do so. The might be a fee associated with during the transaction.

By your bank or a wallet so do I need any documents to a drawer funds. So a company representative may ask you to send scanned documents depending on the virtual type. So if you did the withdrawal – and it might even be done on the mouth so if it may be allo allo withdrawal request like that, might not need any documents, but then again they may do so. This is all going to be part of the video to see what happens so so why do I need account verification, so your verification is needed to prevent fraud by our money transaction. So it’s in your best interest to actually provide the verification when it’s asked.

For so I live abroad, can i withdraw funds and you can do that via bank transfers and he wallets? Do you put any limits on the drawing requests? They don’t have any limits or Matt or maximum amount on on their requests. So so I can get it. The withdraw put back on back on my bank card.

You can do a bank transfer or I could do it via Skrill you’ll – see here that the bank card actually does come with a five dollar fee so which would be you know crazy to do. Let’S do for me, but obviously, if you were drawing like a thousand dollars, you might be happy with the five dollars if you want to straighten cheap and count you’re going to be up for a bigger fee and with squealers. Actually it looks like there’s no fee. So I’ve actually got a Skrill account, so I’m going to do that so see. If i can draw the 10 dolls 51, sometimes is a there’s limits on the amount it might have to be greater than fifty dollars to do with draw for some brokers, but I believe, with IQ option.

There isn’t a limit to at least this grill. I think there is so that’s my Skrill email so put in the request, so your inquiry for withdrawal was accepted. So a few things that might happen here. I might get an email saying because obviously is up to three days to get together withdrawal request. So that’s going to go into the queue, avoid q option and it’s going to be someone there on the banking side in their Department he’ll process this now, so they might get back to me by email, saying Chris.

I need some proof of identification and that’s when I provide them that then I just actually process their withdrawal straightaway. So if it’s after three days and you don’t actually hear from and that’s when I would actually be following them up and saying: look, you know where’s. I’Ve done it with draw a request, how’s that going so I’m going to pause this video now and then i will let you know how i went with the withdrawal request, hi guys. So after submitting the withdrawal request, i received an email – and this is what I got says – hello, the highest quality of service as well as, according to the payment policy, we ask you to provide us with a color copy of your photo page and your personal ID Or official identity in case of a bank card deposit, we also need a copy of your card on both sides. Important for your safety.

Please close your credit card number leaving visible only the last four digits, as well as close. The cvv number on the back of the card, make sure that the card is signed and files can be sent to the email. So you know this was over the Christmas period, so I actually didn’t reply back on Boxing Day actually replied 3 days later on the 29th, so yeah obviously had my driver’s license copy since sites have it handy on file and also my credit card and then so That was on the twenty-ninth so because it was too squirrel. Skrill so actually see here. Two days later, on the 31st from alta vista trading, limited, which is their company name, it’s from payments, IQ option and you’ll see the amount that came through.

So it was from memory, it was ten dollars and 51 cents USD. As my Skrill is in all the dollars. They have it twelve dollars and 21 cents minus the one dollar fee. If you go into IQ option, you can see here that I did. The first request on the 24th, so that came through so took them two days from the 24th to 26th to email me as it took me a couple days to apply that email on the 29 and then on the 21 31st.

I actually got more withdrawal, so you see there that that took up to probably three working days within that which is what they claim to do so, as you can see, I’ve deposited and withdrawn successfully from our key options with no hassles. What

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