IQ Option Robot Reviews | Test with real MONEY

What’S up everyone for today, video, I will give you a review on IQ Bot trading, so the automation trading on IQ option platform, so this robot is running on what it is so-called in binary is martingale strategy, so a strategy that you will use to multiply on The next bet in order to recover your lost, so one of my follower on youtube, has sent me this robot to check whether it is good to use in trading with IQ options or not. So let’s talk about the PRO here so I have used this robot for two days and it is not yet disappointed me

Each day I let this robot to run around 1 hour to one and a half hours. It makes money for me around $ 30.00 to $ 100.00, as it is depend on how long I will let it run, and I initially deposit about $ 100 to $ 500 yeah. What about the CON here? I think you will need to observe your BOT eventually, as you you know, if the market in a very fluctuated horizontal trend, it is really possible that your money will be finished or total money in your account will be lost, So just keep an eye on it. Anyway,

For today, video I will deposit $ 500 to my IQ option account and I will let it runs for about 40 minutes. Then we’ll see if I will lose all the money or make some money. So let’s enjoy … you you

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