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Billionaires Form a Blockchain Advisory Committee for the NBA – Blockchain Bitcoin News

A number of National Basketball Association (NBA) team owners have formed an NBA blockchain advisory committee for the American professional basketball league. The advisory committee is composed of well known billionaires and blockchain advocates who own the teams the Nets, Mavs, Wizards, Celtics, Kings, and Jazz. Billionaire NBA Team Owners Invoke a Blockchain Advisory Committee … Read more

Allianz Economic Advisor Says Argument for Bitcoin Is Evolving — More Companies Will Embrace BTC as Form of Payment – Markets and Prices Bitcoin News

Allianz’s chief economic advisor, Mohamed El-Erian, says that the argument for investing in bitcoin has reached a pivot point. He sees more companies following Tesla’s example and embracing bitcoin as an investment vehicle as well as a form of payment. Allianz’s Economic Advisor Says the Argument for Bitcoin Is Now Positive Economist Mohamed El-Erian has … Read more

Publicly-Listed Air Purifier Manufacturer Adds Dogecoin as a Form of Payment Amid Token’s Popularity – News Bitcoin News

As the so-called ‘meme coin’ is actively making the headlines within the crypto sphere, a publicly-traded company is joining the dogecoin frenzy. Kronos Advanced Technology announced they’ll start accepting dogecoin as one of its payment methods. Kronos Also Accepts Other Cryptocurrencies Such as Bitcoin and Ether According to the announcement, the Los Angeles-based firm is … Read more

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