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Mad Money’s Jim Cramer Says Gold Let Him Down, Put 5% in Bitcoin – Markets and Prices Bitcoin News

Mad Money host Jim Cramer, a long-term gold proponent, says that gold has let him down. He has become more bullish on bitcoin, advising investors to put 5% of their portfolios in the cryptocurrency to protect their assets. Jim Cramer Reduces Gold Holdings, Increases Bitcoin Allocation In an interview published Monday with Morgan Creek Digital … Read more

Fed Chairman Jerome Powell Says Bitcoin Is a Substitute for Gold – Regulation Bitcoin News

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell sees cryptocurrency as a substitute for gold, rather than the dollar. However, he cautioned that crypto assets, including bitcoin, are highly volatile and not useful as a store of value. Fed Chair Sees Bitcoin as a Gold Substitute During a webinar sponsored by the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) on … Read more

Berkshire Hathaway’s Charlie Munger Advises Investors to Never Buy Bitcoin or Gold – Featured Bitcoin News

Berkshire Hathaway’s vice chairman and Warren Buffett’s long-time business partner, Charlie Munger, has advised investors not to buy bitcoin or gold. He believes the cryptocurrency is too volatile to serve well as a medium of exchange. Munger also says he doesn’t know which is worse between Elon Musk’s Tesla reaching $1 trillion in market cap … Read more

Gold Bull Jeffrey Gundlach Says ‘BTC Maybe the Stimulus Asset’ Ahead of the Precious Metal – Economics Bitcoin News

Renowned gold bull and CEO of investment management firm Doubleline, Jeffrey Gundlach says bitcoin may be the “stimulus asset” while adding it “doesn’t look like gold is.” Gundlach, a self-professed long-term dollar bear, had preceded his comments about bitcoin by remarking that “lots of liquid poured into a funnel creates a torrent.” BTC Outperforming Gold … Read more

‘More Valuable Than Gold’- The Motley Fool Announces $5 Million Investment Into Bitcoin – Bitcoin News

The fifth-largest investment website globally with over 80 million monthly visitors, The Motley Fool’s positive outlook for the future of bitcoin is another data point in the coin’s journey as the influential advisory organization wades into the debate. Investing Advice Provider Believes Bitcoin Will Deliver Ten-Fold Returns in the Next 15 Years The Motley Fool … Read more

Bitcoin’s Rapid Increase Should Compel Crypto Investors to Own Gold, Says Top Miner – Bitcoin News

Sandeep Biswas, chief executive officer of Newcrest Mining, one of the world’s biggest gold miners, has said that the sharp increase in bitcoin prices should compel crypto investors to hold gold as a safe-haven asset. In a Feb. 11 interview with Bloomberg TV, Biswas criticized bitcoin’s (BTC) volatility while flouting gold’s credentials as a time-tested … Read more

Haunted by Past Elon Musk Predictions, Gold Bug Peter Schiff Tears Into Tesla’s BTC Acquisition – Economics Bitcoin News

After previously claiming that Elon Musk was too smart to buy bitcoin, Euro Pacific Capital CEO Peter Schiff is reacting angrily to reports that Tesla has acquired the cryptocurrency. In a series of tweets on February 8, Schiff now claims that Musk has no interest in bitcoin’s store of value credentials but is only interested … Read more

Bitcoin Overtakes Gold in the U.S. as the 4th Most Popular Investment Vehicle – Bitcoin News

Research by Bitflyer released today indicates the growing popularity of the cryptocurrency as an American household investment option. But not in Japan. Stocks Remain the #1 Investment Vehicle Bitflyer, a Japanese crypto exchange, released a research paper that dives into cryptocurrency sentiment and investment trends in the U.S. and compares them to the Japanese market. … Read more

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