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Report Claims Ukrainian Officials Hold Over $2.6 Billion in Bitcoin – News Bitcoin News

The latest declarations from Ukrainian public officials revealed a billion-dollar amount of money they allegedly own in bitcoin. An online incentive gathered data from 791,872 state employees and 652 respondents disclosed their crypto holdings. The Biggest Crypto Holder in the Report Has 18,000 BTC According to the Opendatabot site, officials currently hold a total of … Read more

Survey Finds Many Finance Managers Are Not Planning to Hold BTC— Volatility Cited as Key Concern – Finance Bitcoin News

A new poll of finance managers by Gartner Finance finds that a majority are not planning to hold bitcoin as a corporate asset. In their responses, most of the 77 finance leaders interviewed cite bitcoin’s volatility as one characteristic of the crypto asset that is “extremely difficult to mitigate.” The Concerns of Finance Executives The … Read more

City Supports Efforts to Hold Bitcoin in Treasury, Allow Tax Payments in BTC – Regulation Bitcoin News

The U.S. city of Miami is going full bitcoin. The city commissioners have voted to support the mayor’s resolution to allow payments in bitcoin for salaries, taxes, and fees. The city also supports efforts to make bitcoin an acceptable currency for potentially investing in the state treasury. Miami Gets Deep Into Bitcoin Miami City’s commissioners … Read more

Apple Well Positioned to Offer Crypto Trading — Analyst Says Company Should Hold Bitcoin in Treasury – Exchanges Bitcoin News

Apple Inc. is well position to offer cryptocurrency trading, according to an analyst with global investment bank RBC Capital Markets. Not only will Apple gain instant market share in the crypto space, but the move could also generate the Iphone maker well over $40 billion in annual revenue. In addition, the analyst says that Apple … Read more

Analysts Expect Flood of Companies to Follow Tesla and Hold Bitcoin —Twitter Already Considering – Markets and Prices Bitcoin News

Following Tesla’s move to invest $1.5 billion in bitcoin, analysts are predicting that a flood of other companies will follow suit. Mad Money’s Jim Cramer thinks that all companies should put bitcoin in their balance sheets, and Twitter reveals that it is already looking into doing that. Other Companies Will Follow Tesla’s Bitcoin Example, Say … Read more

ECB President Christine Lagarde Says ‘It’s out of the Question’ That Central Banks Would Hold Bitcoin – Regulation Bitcoin News

The president of the European Central Bank (ECB), Christine Lagarde, has clarified whether central banks will start holding bitcoin now that a growing number of companies, like Tesla, are embracing the cryptocurrency. Lagarde remains skeptical about bitcoin, having recently said it “has conducted some funny business.” ECB Chief Christine Lagarde Denies Central Banks Will Hold … Read more

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