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Hackers Target Github Server Infrastructure to Mine Cryptocurrencies – Security Bitcoin News

Github services is under investigation after a series of reports on attacks against one of its infrastructures by running unauthorized crypto mining apps. Cybercriminals allegedly exploited some security flaws that could have been exploited to mine cryptos illicitly. Attacks Exploit ‘Github Actions’ According to The Record, a Dutch security engineer, Justin Perdok, detected a cyberattacker … Read more

Expert warns Hackers are Targeting Russian Government’s IT Infrastructure to Mine Cryptocurrencies – Security Bitcoin News

A state-affiliate cybersecurity expert warned about hackers exploiting the Russian government’s IT facilities to mine cryptocurrencies. The deputy director of the National Coordination Center for Computer Incidents believes such threat actors have been very active in recent times. Global Cybersecurity Landscape Remains ‘Tense’ According to TASS, Nikolai Murashov pointed out that hackers managed to inject … Read more

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