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AdGram Helps Brands Leverage Cryptocurrencies in the Advertising Market – Press release Bitcoin News

PRESS RELEASE. The AdGram service was founded a year ago and is currently the largest advertising exchange in Telegram. AdGram helps brands place large advertising volumes in channels and groups quickly and efficiently. Channels and groups benefit from expansion of their audience, it is easy to find advertisers and increase the earnings from advertising placements … Read more

DEX That Offers 100x Trading Leverage on Perpetual Contracts – Press release Bitcoin News

PRESS RELEASE. YFX, the first DEX that offers 100x trading leverage on perpetual contracts has just launched, adding an important piece to the DeFi money legos, and creating a direct competition against CEX on derivatives trading. The most traded Bitcoin product in centralized exchanges is Bitcoin futures, which is 10 times bigger than spot trading … Read more

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